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Ever feel like you are facing the struggle alone? You don't have to be. Whether you are encountering life transitions, anxiety, depression grief, trauma, PTSD, burnout, or caregiver strain, I am here for you. With a non-judgemental approach, I tailor therapy to meet your needs. Let's meet and begin this journey together.



I use a complimentary approach of: 

  • cognitive behavioural therapy,

  • strength based,

  • emotionally focused therapy,

  • trauma informed therapy,

  • and mindfulness approaches.

There are many different approaches to therapy which can be thought of as pathways. The one we select is best suited to you and how you work best. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning what may be contributing to how you are feeling and tools that will help prevent you from staying stuck. 

Together, we will partner together to explore experiences that shape your perspective, develop coping strategies and make positive changes using evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches. You will have a non-judgmental safe space to explore thoughts, emotions and experiences. My role will be to help you navigate through it to find a place of hope and self-compassion. 

I believe that by being authentic, we can uncover the barriers and rediscover new possibilities to help you build a better tomorrow – it simply begins by taking the first step.



With You Every Step of the Way


Ducks Over the Lake

Building Resiliency & Health

In therapy, we will work together to address your current struggle and help you understand what is shapng your perspective. We will also identify key steps and tools you can use to shape a better tomorrow. 

Fees are $120 per hour (50 min session). 

$180 per 90 min session. Cash/debit/credit accepted.



Meeting the Needs of Children, Adolescents, Adults and Elderly

My background as a nurse has helped me understand the significant role that stages in our life can have on us. Whether it is a child struggling with school or trauma, or an adolescent struggling with self-esteem or fitting in, or life transitions and career choices of middle age to coping with illness and loss as we age, I am here to support you in your journey.


Calm Sea

Here For You

If you are feeling depleted and alone - wondering who is going to be there to support you? I can help you discover mindfulness practices, self-care and compassion again. It's amazing how a moment for you can be rejuvenating in your day!

As a nurse and care giver, I also understand the challenges we face by being caregivers in the health care system. I understand what you may be facing and can support you through this!



Counselling Locations:

During the Pandemic, I offer virtual sessions

via phone/Zoom, 

in person session post-pandemic are at:

Pape & Danforth, Toronto, ON M4K 

 Vaughan, ON Locations

To Book Appointments:

email me at:

Available: Weekday evenings and Saturdays

437-228-8244 (TAGI)


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Orange Tulip

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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